The Company

Wakefield Grange was born in June of 2013 and has grown from a husband and wife team selling via a singular farmer’s market each week to a thriving small business servicing up to 30 restaurants and eateries throughout the state and Tobys Inlet Estate Lifestyle Villages in the nearby township of Dunsborough.

Having originally set out to provide a sustainable future for their young family, Nathen and Sophie Wakefield now support a number of small producers within their region through the purchase and on-sell of locally grown produce.

By supporting other small, sustainably minded farmers within the Fleurieu Peninsula the company hope to assist in bringing clean, green Fleurieu produce direct from the farmer to your plate.

With a unique, on-farm processing facility, Wakefield Grange are proud to share that all beef, lamb and pork produced within and for the company is born, raised, killed, processed and sold from within the Fleurieu Peninsula!

Keeping food miles low, animal stress limited and money in small, local business and regional employment.

The Company - Wakefield Grange

Free range and pasture raised poultry is currently produced in both the Fleurieu Peninsula and Barossa Valley regions of SA with further processing performed in both locations.

Wakefield Grange’s commitment to environmental sustainability extends from the paddock, into the butchery and throughout the retail store.

All beef and lamb produced under the Wakefield Grange brand is 100% grass-fed and finished, antibiotic and hormone growth promotant free. All pork and poultry is grown free range and in many cases pasture raised.

High animal welfare standards are maintained through low stress farm management practises and in-house animal transport services. Recyclable packaging, use of local and organic ingredients and a commitment to sustainable whole animal butchery all continue to be a priority for the company. The on-farm butchery also boasts solar power integration and a water recycling system.

The Wakefield family are proud to share the following accolades

  • Food SA Primary Producer Award Finalist 2014
  • Food SA Primary Producer Award Finalist 2015
  • Food SA Sustainability Award Finalist 2015


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